Sweet Cookies
Cookies,produced by our experienced and skilled workers , adds a unique taste in your palate with carefully selected first class nuts ,chocolate and marmalade species.

Cookie Types

  • Flour Cookie
  • Chocalate Chip Cookie
  • Bitter Chocolate Granule Cookie
  • Coconut Coated Apricot Marmalade Cookie
  • Coconut Coated Apple Marmalade Mosaic Cookie
  • Wet Cinnamon Cookie
  • Wet Cocoa Cookies
  • Grape and Yoghurt Cookies
  • Coconut Coated Grape Cookie
  • Coconut Coated Chocolate Cookie

Salty Cookies
The perfect harmony of our deliciously prepared salty cookies with sesame and black cumin….. With different shapes and varieties, They cater to your eyes and palates.

Cookie Shapes

  • Finger
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Hooked
  • Ring
  • Auger (Koulourakia)


Thessaloniki Crispy Cookie
The beauty of hazelnut and grape harmony, Thessaloniki crispy cookies is revealed with its unique taste. This flavor, which will be indispensable for your tea hours, is always ready to meet you with its freshness.

Kavala Cookie
A taste of Turkish cuisine that is inherited from Ottoman cuisine…… It will be indispensable for your tea hours with its roasted almonds, unique scent and taste that will taste your palates.

Tahini Cookie
A great cookie crumbling in your mouth… If you like tahini and sesame, this cookie is for you.

Nut Cookie
Hazelnut cookies, which you can serve with hot drinks, will be appreciated by both you and your guests.

Wet Cocoa Cookie
The chocolate-covered cookie taste will add beauty to your day with its delicious apple aroma and its crumbling dough.


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